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Some common web designing and development mistakes businesses do!

Web design refers to the design of the website that is displayed on the internet. It takes a lot of skills to conceptualize and arrange the content on the website. There are a number of website design and developmental services in the market that makes the websites presentable for the business with their extraordinary skills. Today, designing an aesthetic website is important as the competition with rivals is tough. Web design has a great impact on your performance, it makes you rank high on Google. This article will give you some helpful insight into how to create a website that not only looks good but functions properly to come first on Google when searched.

When designing the website the key factors are its appearance, features, and its functions. The elements that are included in web designing are color scheme, the text should be placed properly, graphics, fonts, and photos these all make up the perfect website. The performance of your site is ranked by its speed, searchability, easy accessibility, and ability to attract your audience. There are several web designing and development companies offering these services to look after your website and make it rank highest.

The elements that  are important to consider in web development are;

Visual elements

The visual elements are the first thing audience notices when they land on the websites. It includes;

  • Text
  • Colors
  • Alignment
  • Layout
  • Fonts
  • Images

These are the elements that should be focused on the most to gain public attention. To make your website highlighted and the most visited site on the internet a skillful web design agency is all you need.

Functional element

The functional elements are the main elements that maintain the audience’s interest to scroll through the site. It includes;

  • navigations
  • speed
  • structure
  • animation

Today not having a website is the biggest drawback for your business it has become a necessity to stay ahead in the competition so your website should be ideal and catchy for viewers.

The common mistakes websites make

Mistake#1 Poor color scheme

Poor color tone or mismatched color pallets will surely keep the users away from your website it should be aesthetic, trendy, and classy. Choosing an outdated color scheme doesn’t only creates hurdles in your way but also makes your website look old-fashioned. As it creates the first impression for the viewer you must have to maintain the impression, as “the first impression is the last impression”.

To create a good impression of your website get the best web development service and ask for a visually stunning design. This is what makes your website stand higher. 

Tips: there should be no more than 3-4 colors, use fonts that are not too big or too small, and use graphics that exactly reflect your business.

Mistake#2 weak content marketing

A poorly engage content is one that doesn’t engage or entertain the audience. When the visitor read the content they look for something valuable. Content marketing is the main elements that should not be ignored and looked at carefully. Weak content marketing can harm your business in many ways. And if your web pages improperly utilize the content or whitespace around it, it’d become hard for users to read through your content. The visitors find it so boring and you’ll lose half of your audience due to poor content marketing.

Tips: keep the content easy to read, and use short paragraphs, bullets, and proper heading to make the content readable.

Mistake#3 not making it mobile-friendly

The biggest mistake that most web designers and developers do is that they give priority to the desktop version of the website. However, in this era mobile phones have taken over the desktop. This is the mistake that makes the website lose its visitors.

Thus do not limit the website only to the desktop, an easily accessible website is the best website that can be accessed through any device. The website should be designed in such a way that it should automatically adapt to visitors’ device screen size.

Tip: choosing mobile friendly template can solve the issue.

Mistake#4 not updating the website designing

Everything needs an update to stay content. Another common mistake that website owners make is not asking the web development teams to update the website designs. The designs changes every year, and an old design can have an impact on the number of visitors. So, it is important to keep the website well-run to give an aesthetic and fresh look whenever visitors land on your site

Understand that your website is often the first interaction of users with your brand. And the first impression you create may stay longer in the mind of those visitors. Thus, it’s important to keep your website up to date.

Tip: Hire a professional web design development company to manage the designs of your websites & give it a fresh look.

Mistake#5 not optimizing for conversion but for traffic

Another mistake the websites make is prioritizing the traffic and not the conversion. Traffic can be increased through PPC, strategic SEO, and many other strategies. However, increasing the conversion rate is something that should be looked over when optimizing the website. Conversion rate optimization helps increase sales and boost revenue for your website. Thus, not optimizing for it will seriously hit your digital business.

Tips: Add social proof to your websites. Such as testimonial and trust score.

Mistake#6 Hidden Navigation

Hidden navigation can have an impact on your conversion rate. Effective navigation allows users to move from one page to another easily without any barriers. If users can’t find the navigation to go back and forth on your website pages, it irritates them and eventually impacts the conversion of the website.

Tip: Make sidebar navigation stand out from the rest of the page content.

These are some common mistakes that can take your website ranking down and all your investment would go in vain. So don’t wait and get the best website design & development services who can manage your websites without these mistakes and make your website rank in the top 5 searches on Google.

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